Guided Tours in the Land Down Undead

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in a post-apocalyptic world?

How would you survive? Who could you trust?

Where would you go on vacation?

Land Down Undead books and games will help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse
with smile on your face.

The Backpacker's Guide to the Land Down Undead

The original Land Down Undead book.

A backpacker's guide to surviving in Australia's undead wasteland. John.e.Normal takes you on a first person journey through the Australian zombie tourism industry. You will encounter zombie fight clubs, wet t-shirt competitions, and more bent and twisted zombie entertainment than you can imagine.

Land Down Undead 2

Choose your gory demise

Your editor sends you to Australia on an assignment to investigate the weird world of zombie tourism. You are loaded onto a bus with a bunch of sweaty backpackers and taken deep into Australia's undead wasteland.

A zombie comedy gamebook written in the style of a 'Choose your Own Adventure' book. You decide how the story evolves as you embark on an investgation of the zombie tourism industry.


What would you do if you woke up in a dirty youth hostel, with a filthy hang-over, an angry girlfriend and then discovered the place had been overrun by zombie backpackers.

Fury takes you deep into the brutal isolation of being a sole crisis survivor. Experience first hand the desperation, and enjoy John.e.Normal's distinctive black humor.

X-mas in Berlin

A young girl scours the cold dark ruins of Berlin for supplies and signs of life. Her memories of the vibrant city are difficult to reconcile with the decaying ruin she wanders through. Will it ever be the same again?

Stay safe while travelling in Oz!
Do yourself a big favour and read
The backpacker's guide to the Land Down Undead!