Recommended Reading


The Zombie Survival Guide

The first stop for vital information. Some of it is redundant now that the plague has passed. Nevertheless, you need this essential guide book in your bag.

World War Z

More essential reading from Max Brooks. If you don't know how it all went down, then get a copy. He gets Asutralia's part wrong, but the rest is spot on.


If you really want to be sure you know how to stay alive in any scenario then you need a subscription to zombie training. It is produced by an elite team of zombie survivalist experts. Check out the brilliant zombie centerfold.


A site dedicated to the fine and refined art of Zombie Comedy.
Everything about the undead, forum, shop, latest news, you will find it here.
Fundamental survival advice for the zombie apocalypse delivered in regular posts by the ever careful, ever vigilant Red.
The Backpackers guide to the Land Down Undead

Backpacker's Guide Book

A zombie comedy novel that takes you on the road through Australia's zombie wasteland. It's disgusting, it's funny, it is your dream zombie holiday experience.

Stay safe in OZ. The backpacker guide to the Land Down Undead!