This is the quintessential Australian zombie film. Watch it to gain critical insights into the Australian reaction to the zombie plague. You will not be disappointed.

Dead Alive

From our friends over in New Zealand, this fictional account of the zombie outbreak will keep you laughing, and give you a few good ideas for dispatching the living dead. Thankfully New Zealand remains zombie free.


Although mostly fictional, this film will provide you with enormous amounts of advice for dealing with the undead. Treat it as a self-help manual, a guide book for post-apocalyptic living. It is a must see for any potential visitor to our undead nation.
The Backpackers guide to the Land Down Undead

Backpacker's Guide Book

A zombie comedy novel that takes you on the road through Australia's zombie wasteland. It's disgusting, it's funny, it is your dream zombie holiday experience.

Stay safe in OZ. The backpacker guide to the Land Down Undead!