Are there Zombie Free Areas ?

The only entirely zombie free state in Australia is Tasmania, the rest of the mainland is crawling with the undead. Nevertheless, there are many compounds that create islands of safety across the country. Our guidebook will help you find them.

Can I go surfing ?

It is still possible to surf in Australia as the undead cannot swim. They can, however, walk along the bottom of the ocean. So the occasional surfer will get taken by a zombie wandering along offshore. It is only slightly more dangerous to surf than it used it be.

Is there still beer ?

Most Australian breweries have been closed since the zombie plague. Victoria Bitter is still being produced, although now it comes from Tasmania. If you can stomach drinking Fosters, then you can still get it imported from Vietnam.

Is there a government ?

Democracy has been suspended in Australia. The Liberal party was in power at the time of the plague. They have enacted an emergency bill that allows them to remain in power indefinitely with a partial zombie government. This means that many of the elected members of parliament are flesh eating zombies. The undead politicians are chained to their seats in parliament house, where they are presumed to vote along with the party majority. Not that much has changed.

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